Monday, April 13, 2009

What is VisPDF Library

Vis PDF Lib is a VCL component for Delphi and
C++ Builder for creating PDF documents.
VisPDF does not use any DLL or other software to create
PDF files. The VisPDF distribution includes the complete help
system and many demo programs: PDF load and edit
examples, PDF console application samples, PDF GUI
application samples, server PDF application sample etc.

In addition, the full version of VisPDF contains full
source code.

Using VisPDF Lib in your software, you will be able to create
PDF reports and PDF books easily. Using VisPDF Lib, it is easy to
add graphic files ( JPG, BMP and others. ) into a PDF document,
protect it with a password, add acroforms, watermarks, digital
signatures, outlines and other. New paragraph and justi-
fication feature gives detailed control over text

VisPDF Lib supports: generating PDF documents with internal and external links, full support
unicode characters, editing and creating JavaScript functions, full font embedding, vector and
raster graphics, text formatting, multi-column text, predefined code pages, web links, file links,
page links, bookmarks, tiff to pdf conversion and more other.

VisPDFLib is a simple way for your software to manage PDF file creating.

VisPDFLib features canvas (HDC), which you can use to draw and display text as well as copy
to and from other classes supporting canvas. Built-in text and picture compression feature makes
it easy to reduce file size to minimum. In addition, VisPDFLib features EMF file import to display
them in the document.

VisPDFLib allows to load an existing pdf files and edit them:
- print text and draw graphics on the existing pdf file as on the canvas
- add, delete and copy pages from other files
- encrypt, sign an existing pdf files and much more...

Based on trusted and well tested technology, VisPDF Lib offers developers PDF processing in
simple form. VisPDF Lib allows quickly generate customer invoices. Create password-protected
financial reports. Easy create electronic books and helps for applications. Produce encrypted and
digitally signed documents. Send secure email with file attachments. VisPDF Lib offers all that and much more!

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