Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Started with Delphi and C++Builder 2009

As someone who hires people to document RAD Studio, one of my challenges has been to find training materials for the brand new user. There are excellent sources for experienced users, but the fresh graduate who may have learned C or Java in school did not find a lot of help for learning the latest RAD Studio.

To remedy this, my team put together a new Getting Started guide that describes the UI and a few language basics. Led by Alex Ciobanu, tech writer Lucian Bentea and editor Denisa Ilascu authored the book with the able assistance of Andrei Susnea (on C++Builder) and Alex (on Delphi). Reviewers Kris Houser, Gary Staas, and Tim del Chario gave good feedback. Raluca Dudau was our first "new user test driver" and proved the point that a good training experience sets the basis for future success.

This book will be followed by a series of language guides the team is currently writing, in between their work on new features and perennial updates to the VCL/RTL.

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