Sunday, April 12, 2009

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Windows XP and Vista themes support.
NextInspector fully support Windows XP and Vista themes, and can be used in all programs with Modern GUI (Graphics User Interfaces).

NextInspector include WinXP (or Vista) style, Visual Studio 2005, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Classic style. When Office 2007 style is active support for color schemes is also enabled.
Sub properties
In NextInspector you can have as many you want levels of sub-properties. Properties can be very easy added in design and run-time.
About 20 item types and more planed
Like in Delphi(tm) and Microsoft(tm) Visual Studio(tm) you can have different item types: string item, number, drop down, color, font style, radio button, checkbox, trackbar, text alignment, border style, align...
Image beside property name
Each property item can have own Image. You simply need to set ImageIndex property.
Suffix drop-down list
Each property item can have small drop-down list where user can choose suffix for property value (%, px, pt...)
Toolbar items
NextInspector introduce new kind of items: Toolbar items. To enter value for this item user only need to click on button.
Compact size
When you place NextInspector (with items included and 32bit Images in ToolbarItems too) on Form, size of your application will not be dramatically increased, and your application will stay small. Also, Items in NextInspector uses virtual editors (except TextualItem) and this editors doesn't have Handle and doesn't use additional resources!
Connect to the property of other component
Associate NextInspector with other VCL component, and control their properties from NextInspector.
Unicode support
NextInspector support unicode (WideString) strings as for Item's Caption, Value... properties.
Each Item is a object
Each Item is a object with own properties and methods such as Caption, Value, Font, Visible...
Arranging Items by Category or Name
Like in Delphi(tm) and Microsoft(tm) Visual Studio(tm) items can be arranged by Category, or by Name with changing single property.
Color Schemes Support
When Office 2007 style is activated, with using NxColorScheme component (included in package) you will be able to change color scheme of NextInspector.

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