Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Delphi Product Manager and R&D Manager

You probably have already heard, but people inside CodeGear have shifted their roles, including the Delphi Product Manager.

Nick Hodges, who was Delphi Product Manager is now Delphi R&D Manager. So rather than promoting the product to the community he's more in charge of shaping the future of the product. Having known Nick for many years, I think this is going to be interesting. You can read more on his blog post A New Role for Nick. Let me thank him for his work at Product Manager, that started in a period of turmoil but ended with the product back in a good shape, and wish him best luck for this new assignment. And if you need ideas about Delphi future, I'm ready to provide a few...

Mike Rozlog, who was JBuilder Product Manager, is now Delphi Product Manager (see his Changes in the Wind Part II). It won't be easy to get out of Nick's shadow, but Mike has a long-term relationship with Delphi as a product, and even if he's not such a prominent figure in the community right now, he can certainly gain that status and help the product go forward. He looks to have more of a "database/business" oriented perspective, and this can be very important to push Delphi it one of its fundamental roles (that of a client/server tool for business applications) that at times has been a bit neglected.

Chris Pattinson, who was heading the Quality Assurance team for RAD Studio (after some big troubles with quality in previous versions), has been appointed as Director of Quality Assurance for Embarcadero as a whole, supervising the development of both CodeGear and DatabaseGear products. Kudos to Chris for this key assignment, I'm sure he'll do well as he helped Delphi become a solid tool once more.

Well, let me thank the three of them for what they have done in the past at CodeGear and wish them all the best in their future CodeGear/Embarcadero roles. I hope to have time to chat to at least Nick and Mike at Delphi Live.

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