Friday, April 10, 2009

PlatinumGrid packs a impressive feature set for PHP developers

Although there are PHP-based grid controls available, they lack the feature set that developers can get with grid controls for non-Web applications. JomiTech has attempted to fill this void with their new PHP grid control, PlatinumGrid.

If the PlatinumGrid website ( is anything to go by, it packs an impressive feature set. In this review, we’ll take a look at some of them. Although PlatinumGrid is designed to support all PHP applications and frameworks, we’ll naturally be reviewing PlatinumGrid in the VCL for PHP framework.

PlatinumGrid displaying InterBase sample database

One big key item for web grid controls is performance. Grids have to be fast. Because PlatinumGrid only processes the smallest amount of data that it needs to show to the user, it can handle large datasets rapidly. Paging through a 300,000 record dataset is extremely fast, with the grid returning the page in less than a third of a second.

Using AJAX and reducing the number of postbacks performed is an important part of enhancing web application performance. PlatinumGrid has built-in support for AJAX, just flip the UseAjax property to “true” on your page and the grid becomes 100% AJAX enabled.

An intriguing feature is the master-detail view support in PlatinumGrid. This grid can embed another PlatinumGrid instance inside a row at runtime, to show the detail view for that row. This is done without writing any code, just drop another PlatinumGrid component on the page, connect it to the detail data source, and set the 3 Detail View properties on the master grid. Everything else is handled automatically.

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