Monday, August 10, 2009

Lazarus article on Linux Journal

I finally got around to browse the Linux Journal Magazine (September 2009) that this month features cross platform development, and noticed the word Lazarus at the top of the cover page. Yes, it is an article about the Delphi like IDE. The article is written by Mattias Gaertner, a member of the Lazarus project.

The article is an overview of Lazarus/FPC and cross platform development. It explores Lazarus/FPC cross platform capabilities and dices into some of the IDE features. The cool aspect of this article is that is being presented in a non Delphi venue that is dedicating it’s pages to cross platform development. This exposing a Pascal IDE to a “new” audience.

Most certainly, Lazarus brings to the table cross platform development in a way that is more native to your target than .NET et al. Lazarus produces native code for Windows, Macs and Linux. I can only imagine where we could have been if Borland would have gotten Kilyx right… In any case, I have played with Lazarus and FPC for the past couple of years and I am to a point that I am willing to start a small cross platform project solely using Lazarus and FPC.

Here is a link to the article – unfortunately one has to be a subscriber to read. If you are not a subscriber, you can go to your local newsstand or book store and read the article.

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